Dr Niamh Gavin 2

Dr Niamh Gavin

Consultant Anaesthetist


In my role as an anaesthetic consultant at QVH, I have been part of the Breast Reconstruction Team since 2015.

I am involved in reviewing our patients prior to surgery in the pre-assessment clinic, and subsequently responsible for their anaesthetic during breast reconstruction surgery. My awe at the skills of our surgical colleagues as they restore breast contours has not diminished in the years that have lapsed since I started my consultant role. And I see and hear from our patients directly how that surgery transforms their lives.

Subsequently, having been diagnosed with breast cancer myself in 2018, I have personal experience of the start of the journey our patients make, undergoing mastectomy followed by chemotherapy in the same year. I am due to complete the journey myself later this year, with planned restorative free flap breast reconstruction, and I am blessed to be cared for by the same surgeons and team that I have been a part of for many years.

However, I know I am privileged to be in the fairly unique position of having first hand weekly experience of what undergoing breast reconstruction entails,  and having complete confidence in the team, the surgeons and the surgery.

I know that is not the case for our patients- I know the anxieties and uncertainties they can have, and I hear from them how Restore, and the Show and Tell Events that they run have been invaluable in allaying those anxieties. So when I was asked to be a Patron for Restore, I was honoured to offer my support.

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