Mr Marc Pacifico

Consultant Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon

I am proud to be a Patron of Restore, a charity set up and run by a team of women passionate about educating and supporting those considering breast reconstruction for breast cancer. With the whirlwind of a diagnosis of breast cancer, deciding upon a reconstruction can be a daunting addition to the numerous decisions that need to be made in a short space of time. In addition, those women who have already undergone their breast cancer treatment and are now in a position to consider the next step, breast reconstruction is of fundamental importance in restoring themselves – both physically and psychologically.

The team at Restore bring clarity to those considering breast reconstruction, helping to explain and guide them through the complex and various options available. They provide a safe, informative environment with a team of expert patients who are brave and willing to “show and tell” their stories – with honest and frank accounts of their experiences, “warts and all”! This approach has proven invaluable in helping others with the final phases of their breast cancer journey.

I am delighted to support this inspiring charity!

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